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January guests

January 3 — Encore!

January 10 — HuffPost On Call! Women editor Alanna Vagianos & blogger Gretchen Kelly

January 17 — Shrink Wrap on Call! Dating expert David Wygant & relationship expert Darcy Sterling

January 24 — Shrink Wrap on Call! Non-verbal communications expert Jared Sais & orthopedic surgeon Dr. Ken McCulloch

January 31 —Let’s Talk Sex! Relationship expert Susan Winter & breakup expert Chris Seiter

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    December 6 — Shrink Wrap on Call! Lori Bizzoco, executive editor of Cupid’s Pulse & Alison Grambs, author of Here’s Why I Suck, Gramma… A Bedtime Story for Grown-Ups Who Need To Grow Up

    December 13 — HuffPost On Call! Style editor Jamie Feldman & blogger Amy E. Goodman

    December 20 —Let’s Talk Sex! Perri Teitelbaum, creator of LifeThruDivorce.com & multi-orgasm expert Antonia Hall

    December 27 —Encore!

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