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November guests

November 7 — Style coach Rayne Parvis & Karolina Tatarenkova

November 14 — HuffPost On Call! Women editor Jenavieve Hatch & blogger Jodi Meltzer Darter

November 21 — Shrink Wrap on Call! Joe Raiola & Paulette Sherman

November 28 — Let’s Talk Sex! Heather Ash & Dr. David Rosensweet

  • October guests

    October 3 — Celebrity chefs Chef Charles Carroll & John David Mann

    October 10 — HuffPost On Call! Style editor Jamie Feldman & blogger Amy Goodman

    October 17 — Shrink Wrap on Call! Rayne Parvis & Darcy Sterling

    October 26 — Shrink Wrap on Call! Sarah Galli & comedian Kerri Louise

    October 31— Let’s Talk Sex! Diane Kazer & Rebecca Rosenblat, aka Dr. Date

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    Finding A Balance in Family Life

    Having a family to call your own is in itself a blessing. There’s a warm comfort knowing that when you go home everyday you have a loving husband that cares for you and beautiful children that make your life feel complete.

    But what about a healthy balance? Life can’t always be all about family. Deep inside there are  still your wants, needs, desires and aspirations. You may be taking care of all your family’s nutritional needs but are you taking care of yours? Do you make the time to meditate or exercise? One needs a balanced life even with family because you need to enjoy things outside the family structure too.


    Do you remember the things you loved to do the most before you got married? Maybe you loved to paint or write. Maybe you even designed jewellery or made clothes. Were you an arts and crafts fundi? Was reading your thing? What were the things that you enjoyed the most? Take the time to figure out the things you loved doing the most and slowly let them filter back into your life.


    It’s really easy to lose track of what you eat once you fall pregnant. Cravings make all dietary rules fly out the window and often those foods you craved during pregnancy will still stick with you afterwards. There’s no reason to not start eating healthier once you have an established family. You will also be a good role model for your kids. Take the time to find exciting recipes that incorporate fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and proteins into your diet and your body will feel the effect soon enough. Supplements will also give your body the kick start it needs to start feeling healthier and more in shape. Read this Research Verified review here and find out more!


    Now when you think of exercise you needn’t think of circuit training and weightlifting, although those exercises are great for toning the muscles and strengthening your bones. There are so many things to choose from from swimming to tennis, aerobics, yoga, pilates and dance classes. There really is no excuse for you not to exercise. If need be, find a workout video on YouTube and follow it at home. Just wake up an hour earlier in your day and you will really be proud of yourself after completing it. The stronger and fitter you become the better and more confident you will feel about yourself.

    Friends & Socializing

    Remember how much fun it was to hang out with friends before you got married? Well now you have kids so make an effort to reach out to fellow moms. Often schools have get togethers and this is a great opportunity to connect with other moms out there and make plans to get together. You all have a common thread as being mothers now and will share similar interests.

    Meditation & Quiet Time

    Having a family is such a busy time in one’s life. You’re either cooking or doing laundry or running after the kids or just…..so, so much. Sometimes you just need to breathe in fresh air and have quiet time for yourself. Maybe there is a park close by and you can take a walk and relax in nature. Sometimes a hot bubble bath early in the morning or late at night surrounded by candles will help relax you. If possible, go to a spa and enjoy a relaxing massage occasionally.

    Balance is essential for a healthy and happy life and hopefully by following some of the tips here, your family life will find more balance! Enjoy the kids, the pets and your handsome hubby but don’t forget to enjoy yourself too!

    Contributed by Della Rodriquez

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