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Does It Matter Who Initiates Sex?
halle-199x3001.jpg Recently engaged Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez are still in the midst of their romance, so the question of who makes the first move toward sex is probably a nonissue for now. But give it a little time. Sometimes all it takes is one rejection ... Read more

Help! My Husband Reconnected with his Ex
jealous_01-300x200.jpgWhat would you do if your husband and his ex-wife got back in touch– and started regularly communicating? That’s the question that one GalTime reader is struggling with– she turned to Dr. Jane Greer for advice. GalTime Reader   Question: I’ve been married for twenty years. About two years ... Read more

Learning from Heidi and Seal's Marriage Mistakes
By now, we’ve all had time to mourn Heidi Klum and Seal’s failed 7-year marriage. Heidi claims it was a result of Seal’s anger issues. So how does this apply to your relationship? Read more

Kim Kardashian: Why Was She a Runaway Bride?
Everyone wants the fairytale: to fall in love, get married and live a happy long life together. Sometimes, in fact, it is that hope, that true wish, that drives people down the aisle even if there are questions. And believe me, everyone headed that way ... Read more

CHARLIE SHEEN -THE GREATEST LOSS OF ALL: his marriages, his kids, his show or his mental health?
Everyone is transfixed by what is happening with Charlie Sheen. In many ways it is like watching a train wreck, and it is hard to turn away. Some clinical speculation about what we’re seeing with his behavior has been the suggestion of the ravages of ... Read more