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OK! TV: The Reinvention of Justin Bieber
It seems Justin Bieber is tired of his “bad boy” persona, and he has quietly begun mending his public appearance over the past few months. But why now? Dr. Greer weighs in on OK! TV. Read more

OK! TV: Fifty Shades of Grey Breaks Records with Mixed Reviews
The erotic thriller 50 Shades of Grey dominated the box offices this past Valentine’s Day weekend, but is it living up to the hype? Dr. Greer weighs in on OK! TV. Read more

OK! TV: Bruce Jenner’s Transition
Bruce Jenner recently announced his decision to become a woman. While his ex-wife is said to be extremely shocked and slightly panicked at the revelation, she and his family support him in whatever decision he makes. However, this transition is not without obstacles. Dr. Greer ... Read more

OK! TV: Celebrity “No Makeup” Selfies
Social media is blowing up with singers, actors, models, and even reality stars baring it all and getting vulnerable through the “#nomakeup” selfie trend. Dr. Greer weighs in on OK! TV. Read more

OK! TV: Robin Williams Special
If you got a dose of Robin Williams, you wound up feeling that everything was going to be alright in your world, no matter how difficult things were. He was unique and able to captivate audiences of all ages and all demographics. Hear Dr. Greer’s ... Read more

OK! TV: Hollywood Baby Boom
It’s a Hollwood baby boom! Read more

OK! TV: Dr. Greer Weighs In on The Bachelors of Hollywood
Is what you see what you get? Read more

OK! TV: Can You Trust a Serial Proposer?
Johnny Depp has been engaged many times, but has never made it down the aisle.  Can you trust a serial proposer? Dr. Greer weighed in on OKTV. Read more