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Selena Gomez and The Weeknd: Dating Made Easy?
Selena Gomez was seen cuddling up with The Weeknd while he relaxed with some video games. This is a perfect example of a low-key date. Couples sometimes think they must have constant excitement to keep the spark alive in their relationships, however, that is simply ... Read more

Anna Faris and Chris Pratt: Whose Separation Is It?
Actors Anna Faris and Chris Pratt announced that they are separating. This comes after eight years of marriage, and the birth of one son, Jack. It’s always a shock when a seemingly stable couple decides to split. It appears that Anna and Chris are now ... Read more

Beyonce and Jay-Z: If You’re Married, Do You Date?
Beyonce and Jay-Z recently enjoyed a cute date night, publicized on Queen Bey’s Instagram. After the birth of their two newest additions to the family, it’s a great sign that the couple has a chance to step out on the town alone. Date night is ... Read more

Why Does Feeling Good Make So Many People Feel Bad?
The pursuit of happiness is an inherent right, as stated in the Declaration of Independence. And yet, everyone grapples with pleasure in one way or another, encountering stumbling blocks along the way. Gina Rodriguez, star of the popular television show Jane The Virgin, recently admitted in ... Read more

Taylor and Katy: Getting Over a Grudge?
Social media is going crazy after popstar Taylor Swift decided to release her entire back catalog of music on all streaming services on the same day that Katy Perry released her new album, Witness. It was especially big news because Taylor had previously pulled her ... Read more

Ariel and Levi: Can You Move Too Fast Moving In?
Actress Ariel Winter revealed that she’s moved in with her boyfriend, Levi Meaden, after just several months of being together. While this is an exciting next step in the relationship, it raises the question of if it is ever too soon to move in with ... Read more

Blake and Ryan: Travel Partners in Life?
Ryan Reynolds has no problem expressing his love for Blake Lively. The two were recently photographed by Humans of New York’s Brandon Stanton at the Met Gala, after which he gushed about how she has made him a more empathetic person. Blake and Ryan met ... Read more

Don Rickles: Can Humor Go Too Far?
Caustic comedian Don Rickles has recently passed away. His true talent was in his ability to insult his audience and have them join in and laugh with him, rather than feeling laughed at by him. He had no qualms about going for people’s vulnerabilities, whether ... Read more

Ed Sheeran: How Far Will You Go?
Singer Ed Sheeran found true love on another continent. When he first started dating girlfriend Cherry Seaborn, she lived in New York and he lived in England. The two, who met in school, made that work for a while before Seaborn moved to England to ... Read more

Kristen and Dax: Can You Cheat Jealousy?
Kristen Bell recently shared how her husband, Dax Shepard, was her wingman at the Golden Globes so that she could meet her celebrity crush, Riz Ahmed. This is a perfect example of a relationship where both partners are secure and completely trust that, even though one may ... Read more