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DatingAdvice.com: Dr. Jane Greer’s Insightful Therapy Sessions, Radio Shows & Self-Help Books Teach Vital Relationship Skills
Marriage and Family Therapist Dr. Jane Greer lends her invaluable expertise on love and intimacy to singles and couples of all ages. With a hands-on approach to therapy, Jane gives her patients the means to recognize their flaws, take control of their relationships, and fix ... Read more

The Wall Street Journal: Why High Intensity Beats High Mileage for One Family
How do you balance fitness and motherhood? Dr. Greer shares her tips in The Wall Street Journal. Read more

The Knot: How to Deal With Cold Feet Before Your Wedding Day
Trust us—prewedding jitters are more common than you think. Dr. Greer shares her advice in The Knot. Read more

Huffington Post: For Mother’s Day: Don’t Go Bridezilla on Your Mom During Wedding Planning
Raise your hand if you’ve ever been mean or nasty to your mother when she totally didn’t deserve it, just because you were stressed out about wedding planning. Okay, all of you who didn’t raise your hands… think again. Half of you should be raising ... Read more

Fox News: The 6 most common places where affairs start
According to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, national surveys have shown that 15 percent of women and 25 percent of men have had a full-blown affair outside of their long-term relationship — a number that jumps by 20 percent for each sex ... Read more

Men’s Health: 7 Things Other Than Sex Women Count As Cheating
Are you cheating without even realizing it? There’s a chance you might be crossing some blurred lines, a new survey commissioned by Deseret News reveals. Dr. Greer shares her thoughts in Men’s Health! Read more

Brides.com: How to Tell Your Children You’re Getting Remarried
With American divorce rates hovering near 50 percent, while our actual affinity for marriage remains strong, more brides and grooms than ever are celebrating their second weddings with their children in attendance. Dr. Greer weighs in on Brides.com. Read more

Prevention Magazine: 6 Couples Therapy Alternatives That Can Save Your Marriage
All relationships hit rough patches. Maybe the same argument is on repeat or you feel unappreciated or the trust has been broken. While we’re all for marriage therapy, couples can work through issues and smooth out the bumps themselves—no appointments or babysitters necessary. Dr. Greer ... Read more

Women’s Health: 7 Things Guys Do When They’re Not Over Their Exes
If you’re inclined to think your boyfriend might not be completely over his ex-girlfriend, there are probably several reasons for your suspicion. Dr. Greer shares her advice in Women’s Health! Read more

Huffington Post: What Every Person Who Loves A Child Of Divorce Should Know
There are fundamental truths most 5-year-olds understand about the world: The sky is blue. The grass is green. Your family consists of you, possibly siblings and your parents. But that truth is altered if your parents split up. Dr. Greer shares her advice in Huffington ... Read more

The Cheat Sheet: 10 Things to Do Immediately When You Find Out Your Partner Is Cheating
It’s called “falling in love” because you’re risking the chance of falling flat on your face. And when someone is cheating on you, that’s pretty much the feeling most people describe. Even if you think it might be happening and learn you were right, or ... Read more

HowHeAsked.com: Popping the Question or Waiting for the Ring: Who Has It Harder?
When you meet the one you’re going to marry, you see that person as your equal. For richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, your partner will be there to stand by your side—not above or below you, in terms of status. Yet as ... Read more

CBS NY: Seen At 11: ‘Words To Love’ By That Can Make Your Relationship Stronger
Many people tell their partners that they love them every day, but relationship experts said there are other phrases equally — if not more important — that can keep a relationship out of a rut. Dr. Greer weighs in on CBS NY! Read more

Cheat Sheet: When It’s Not Just Cold Feet: 5 Pre-Marriage Worries You Shouldn’t Ignore
Deciding to get married is a big step. Although you may be deliriously happy and excited about making wedding plans, you shouldn’t let the excitement cloud your judgment. Dr. Greer weighs in on the Cheat Sheet! Read more

The Cheat Sheet: 18 Signs You’re Too Needy in Your Relationship
Some of us just can’t help it — we need a bit more attention than the average person. When it comes to maintaining functional relationships that are actually self-serving and make us happy, though, acts of “neediness” or consistent insecurity can get in the way. ... Read more

Women’s Health: 6 Resolutions Sex Therapists Want You to Make This Year
Many of us make the same New Year’s resolutions year after year: eat less junk food, exercise more, stick to a budget, and drink less wine (okay, maybe not that last one). The point is, we are seriously slacking on making resolutions that are actually ... Read more

Celebrity Page Magazine: Brad Pitt: Ringing in a New Start?
Dr. Greer contributes her SHRINK WRAP blog to Celebrity Page Magazine. Read more

Reader’s Digest: Sex Therapists Share Their Best Tips So You Can Have Better Sex – Every Time
When you want to heat things up in the bedroom, heed some advice from the pros. Dr. Greer shares her thoughts in Reader’s Digest! Read more

Women’s Health: 7 Signs Your Partner Might Be Having an Emotional Affair
When your partner shuts down, it can be hard to tell if what you’re dealing with is just a rough patch in your relationship—or if he’s hiding something from you. Dr. Greer shares her advice in Women’s Health. Read more

Brides.com: The 7 Things to Be Thankful For as a Couple This Thanksgiving
‘Tis the season to be thankful. And when you count your blessings this Thanksgiving, here’s what you should focus on as a couple. Dr. Greer weighs in on Brides.com! Read more