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Women’s Health: This Is Why So Many Couples Break Up And Get Back Together Again

Think back to your last breakup: Even if you were the one who called it off, did you have mixed feelings toward your partner near the end? Dr. Greer shares her advice in Women’s Health. A definitive answer to the age-old debate: Should you fuck your friend?

The story usually goes likes this: You have a hot friend who’s been your low-key crush for ages, but the friendship is just too good to mess up. Your try to hold off, but it’s so hard. Suddenly, you begin … Continue reading

Women’s Health: This Is What the Pressure to Get Married Is Really Like for Women in Their 30s

Whether you’ve been dating the same person for longer than some of your friends have been married or you’re single and ready to mingle, if you’re in your thirties, you probably get a lot of people asking you: “But don’t … Continue reading

Reader’s Digest: 11 Relationship “Rules” You Can Safely Break

Rules were meant to be broken, right? In this case, YES. Dr. Greer shares her tips in Reader’s Digest!

Celebrity Page TV: Ryan Lochte Scandal

Dr. Greer appears on Celebrity Page TV to share all the details about Ryan Lochte’s 2016 Rio Olympics scandal. Watch the segment here.

Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani: Unexpected Love?

Country star Blake Shelton revealed that his current love, Gwen Stefani, was “the last person” who he expected to have his back after his divorce from Miranda Lambert. They’ve only been together for six months, but already he’s crazy about … Continue reading