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Janay Rice: Is Love Blind?

Janay Rice, wife of disgraced NFL player Ray Rice, says she refuses to be stuck in that elevator. In a recent interview with Matt Lauer on Today she talked about the domestic abuse incident that seems to have taken over … Continue reading

Kendra Wilkinson: What Makes You Stay With a Cheater?

After some consideration, Model Kendra Wilkinson has decided to stay married to her husband of five years, former football star Hank Baskett, despite the fact that she knows he was cheating on her with transsexual model Ava Sabrina London. Kendra … Continue reading

Amanda Bynes: Getting Engaged, for Better or Worse?

Actress Amanda Bynes has been in the news a lot over the last few years, and generally it hasn’t been positive. Now she is reportedly engaged to her 19-year-old boyfriend, Caleb, who works in a bait shop in Costa Mesa, … Continue reading

John Mellencamp and Meg Ryan: When Is It Over?

There’s nothing like a public declaration of ongoing love. While promoting his new album, Plain Spoken, rock musician John Mellencamp said he hopes to reconcile with his ex-girlfriend, actress Meg Ryan. The couple began dating in early 2011, but broke … Continue reading

Jason Aldean: What’s All The Fanfare About?

Why is it that some celebrities are given a break by their fans and quickly forgiven for questionable behavior, while others make a mistake and it sticks to them like glue? Way back in September 2012, country megastar Jason Aldean … Continue reading

Robin Williams: Why Did He Do It?

As news broke that Robin Williams, an Academy Award winning actor and one of the funniest men in our midst, had apparently taken his own life you could almost feel the disbelief move across the country and the world. For … Continue reading