Category Archives: Major News What Does It Mean For Your Marriage When Your Partner Wants Alone Time?

Last week, Twitter was aflutter with comments after Melania Trump shared her Christmas wish. (ICYMI, the first lady said: “I would spend my holidays on a deserted island, a tropical island” before adding, seemingly as an afterthought “…with my family.”) … Continue reading

Women’s Health: The One Thing You Shouldn’t Do When Your Partner Is Going Through A Hard Time

We tend to think that a sign of closeness with our partner is being able to talk to each other about everything, good and bad. But sometimes, the one thing you shouldn’t do when your S.O. is going through something … Continue reading The Top 7 Things Couples in 2017 Argue About, According to Therapists

This year has been one filled with heated political battles, fights for women’s rights, and new technology to seize all of our attention. Because of all those things and more, couples have plenty of new and modern reasons to argue … Continue reading

Martha Stewart Weddings: Think Your Relationship Is Healthy? Let’s See What the Experts Say

You’ve think you’ve finally found the one who will listen to you vent about your obnoxious boss or will rub your feet after you’ve had a long, exhausting day. But even when your relationship looks pretty on point from the … Continue reading

The Globe and Mail: Scheduling in some personal time is essential to individual and marital health

Last month, Canada was ranked the fourth-worst country out of 37 around the world for work-life balance in a report released by Expert Market, a British-based company that compares business products and products. The report, which analyzed OECD and World … Continue reading

Women’s Health: The 3 Relationship Red Flags That Only Your Realtor Might Notice

When you’re searching for that dream home with your S.O., there’s another crucial person involved—your realtor. And not just because they help you with the logistics of your search, but also because they might have more insight about love and … Continue reading