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HuffPost Live! Does Gender Equality Compete with Good Sex?

Women who want the corner office and the dream guy have enough obstacles as it is, but now some say gender equality elsewhere will negatively impact what goes on in the bedroom. So do women have to compromise hot sex … Continue reading

Celebrity Selfies

From Heidi Klum to Geraldo’s shirtless selfie, celebs love to show off their “natural” side. But even impromptu shots may have behind-the-scenes pros tweaking their look. How does the illusion of “real” celebs change our view of them and ourselves? Continue reading

Lying About Sex

Everyone lies. And, a new study reveals that nearly everyone lies about sex. Men and women are reportedly fudging their numbers to match up with social norms, but could this be harmful? Original segment on HuffPost Live

I Have an Open Relationship

Monogamy is the norm in our society, but some contend that promiscuity is the more natural way. Could open relationships be the answer to longer lasting relationships? Originally aired on HuffPost Live

Marrying Into The Family

The Bachelor’ Sean Lowe dumped Desiree after meeting her intimidating brother. Have your loved ones affected your marriage prospects?

Cougars In Love

J.Lo is gushing about her boyfriend who is 18 years her junior, but she’s not the only woman in love with a much younger man. What makes these relationships work? Please tune in to “Let’s Talk Sex” which streams live … Continue reading