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February guests

February 2 — Shrink Wrap on Call! Celebrity journalists Elizabeth Durand Streisand and Emily L. Foley February 9 — HuffPost On Call! Style editor Dana Oliver & blogger Amy E. Goodman February 16 — Shrink Wrap on Call! Author Elizabeth LaBan … Continue reading

January guests

January 4 — Shrink Wrap on Call! Actress Dahiana Torres & celebrity journalist Emily L. Foley January 11 — HuffPost On Call! Women editor Alanna Vagianos & blogger Elizabeth Licorish January 18 — Shrink Wrap on Call! Original SNL writer … Continue reading

November guests

November 3 — Shrink Wrap on Call! Life & Style reporter Melissa Roberto & comedian Kerri Louise November 10 — HuffPost On Call! Style editor Dana Oliver & blogger Amy E. Goodman November 17 — Shrink Wrap on Call! TV … Continue reading

December guests

December 1 — Shrink Wrap on Call! Actress Sophia Thomas & freelance entertainment journalist Elizabeth Durand Streisand December 8 — HuffPost On Call! Divorce editor Ashley Reich & blogger Lauren Bowling December 15 — Shrink Wrap on Call! Caroline Lagerfelt & Michael … Continue reading

October guests

October 6 — Shrink Wrap on Call! Actor Max Sorrentino & entertainment journalist Elizabeth Durand Streisand October 13 — HuffPost On Call! Women editor Alanna Vagianos & blogger Damona Hoffman October 20 — Shrink Wrap on Call! CNN anchor Christi Paul … Continue reading

September Guests

September 1 — Shrink Wrap on Call! Comedian Amadeo Fusca & reporter Andrew Nodell September 8 — HuffPost On Call! Healthy Living Graceann Bennett, founder and CEO of PlsPlsMe & editor Erin Schumaker September 15 — Shrink Wrap on … Continue reading