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Ed Sheeran: How Far Will You Go?

Singer Ed Sheeran found true love on another continent. When he first started dating girlfriend Cherry Seaborn, she lived in New York and he lived in England. The two, who met in school, made that work for a while before … Continue reading

The Cheat Sheet: 18 Signs You’re Too Needy in Your Relationship

Some of us just can’t help it — we need a bit more attention than the average person. When it comes to maintaining functional relationships that are actually self-serving and make us happy, though, acts of “neediness” or consistent insecurity … Continue reading

Yahoo! Style: She Nailed a Half-Court Shot and Almost Missed Her Boyfriend’s Proposal

There are so many ways a big public marriage proposal can go wrong. The recipient could say no. The proposer could drop or lose the ring. The elaborate setup could fall apart. Or, as in the case of one couple … Continue reading

Women’s Health: 16 Sex Tricks Every Woman Should Try Before Her 40th Birthday

As you get older and wiser about the things you will and will absolutely-effing-not tolerate in bed, your sex life goes from ‘meh’ to ‘more, please!’ Dr. Greer shares her thoughts in Women’s Health!

Elle Decor: 10 Relationship Mistakes Couples Living Together Make When Deciding On Home Decor

Perhaps you’re just moving in together; perhaps you’ve been cohabiting for years but still can’t figure out why little things get on each other’s nerves. Whatever the circumstance, home decor and organization can play a surprisingly significant role in your … Continue reading 9 Conversations to Have Before Searching For A New Job

Searching for a job when you already have one can feel like a top secret, covert mission. While you shouldn’t announce in the breakroom that you’re looking to exit your current gig, there are several people you should talk to … Continue reading