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The Globe and Mail: Scheduling in some personal time is essential to individual and marital health

Last month, Canada was ranked the fourth-worst country out of 37 around the world for work-life balance in a report released by Expert Market, a British-based company that compares business products and products. The report, which analyzed OECD and World … Continue reading

Women’s Health: The 3 Relationship Red Flags That Only Your Realtor Might Notice

When you’re searching for that dream home with your S.O., there’s another crucial person involved—your realtor. And not just because they help you with the logistics of your search, but also because they might have more insight about love and … Continue reading

Tyra Banks: Dating After A Break-Up?

Tyra Banks is back in the dating game after her breakup from longtime partner Erik Asla. She was seen out on a date with a new man in West Hollywood. While no one knows yet if this new beau will … Continue reading

October guests

October 3 — Celebrity chefs Chef Charles Carroll & John David Mann October 10 — HuffPost On Call! Style editor Jamie Feldman & blogger Amy Goodman October 17 — Shrink Wrap on Call! Rayne Parvis & Darcy Sterling October 26 … Continue reading The Problem With Over-the-Top Social Media Proposals

Some people have a really tough time getting up the nerve to make a marriage proposal. It’s a big commitment, and a huge decision, and the effort and expense of getting a ring, and popping the question, is just about … Continue reading

The Organic Relationship

It is common for relationships to be contrived because most of us believe being single means something is missing from our lives. We obsessively look for what we consider a missing piece of ourselves. This search influences our concepts of … Continue reading