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Beyonce and Jay-Z: If You’re Married, Do You Date?

Beyonce and Jay-Z recently enjoyed a cute date night, publicized on Queen Bey’s Instagram. After the birth of their two newest additions to the family, it’s a great sign that the couple has a chance to step out on the … Continue reading

Why Does Feeling Good Make So Many People Feel Bad?

The pursuit of happiness is an inherent right, as stated in the Declaration of Independence. And yet, everyone grapples with pleasure in one way or another, encountering stumbling blocks along the way. Gina Rodriguez, star of the popular television show … Continue reading

July guests

July 4 — Encore! July 11 — HuffPost On Call! Weddings editor Ashley Reich July 18 — Encore! July 25 — Encore! Dr. Jane Greer’s Insightful Therapy Sessions, Radio Shows & Self-Help Books Teach Vital Relationship Skills

Marriage and Family Therapist Dr. Jane Greer lends her invaluable expertise on love and intimacy to singles and couples of all ages. With a hands-on approach to therapy, Jane gives her patients the means to recognize their flaws, take control … Continue reading

Taylor and Katy: Getting Over a Grudge?

Social media is going crazy after popstar Taylor Swift decided to release her entire back catalog of music on all streaming services on the same day that Katy Perry released her new album, Witness. It was especially big news because … Continue reading

The Wall Street Journal: Why High Intensity Beats High Mileage for One Family

How do you balance fitness and motherhood? Dr. Greer shares her tips in The Wall Street Journal.