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January guests

January 2 — Encore! January 9 — Shrink Wrap on Call! Jeff Gurian & Lori Bizzoco, executive editor of Cupid’s Pulse January 16 — HuffPost On Call! TBA January 23 — Shrink Wrap on Call! Hollywood Mommy Dish & Edrina … Continue reading What Does It Mean For Your Marriage When Your Partner Wants Alone Time?

Last week, Twitter was aflutter with comments after Melania Trump shared her Christmas wish. (ICYMI, the first lady said: “I would spend my holidays on a deserted island, a tropical island” before adding, seemingly as an afterthought “…with my family.”) … Continue reading

Nick Carter: Sibling Rivalry?

Nick Carter wished his brother Aaron Carter a happy birthday recently despite the angry distance between them in the wake of their Twitter feud. When we are incensed and upset with a sibling’s behavior, it’s often difficult to reach out … Continue reading

February guests

February 6 — Shrink Wrap on Call! Hollywood Mommy Dish & TBA February 13 — HuffPost On Call! TBA February 20 — Shrink Wrap on Call! TBA February 27 — Let’s Talk Sex! Dr. Rajiv Parti & TBA

Carmen Electra: Is A Bad Boy Good For You?

Carmen Electra has revealed her ideal man is a “bad boy with a good heart.” She describes this man as someone who has been through a lot in life, and has had to work on himself. He is a spiritual … Continue reading

Women’s Health: The One Thing You Shouldn’t Do When Your Partner Is Going Through A Hard Time

We tend to think that a sign of closeness with our partner is being able to talk to each other about everything, good and bad. But sometimes, the one thing you shouldn’t do when your S.O. is going through something … Continue reading