Gigi Hadid: Engagement Envy?

Fashion model Gigi Hadid really wants her boyfriend, Zayn Malik, to propose after she found out her ex, Joe Jonas, just got engaged. This is a common response of feeling envious when your ex has moved on from being with you and gets engaged to someone else. It’s difficult to feel like you are a step behind when you see a former partner move forward with increased commitment, planning a future life together with someone else. This can be even more challenging if you are either at a standstill in your current relationship or worse if you’re not in one at all. Engagement envy can strike and push you ahead when in fact you might not be ready to get engaged, as well as lead to pressure that can create conflict. How, then, can you handle this situation and see the potential good you have right now instead of focusing on what could have been or forcing what isn’t meant to be yet?

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