Miles Teller: How to Propose?

Miles Teller revealed how he proposed to now-fiancee Keleigh Sperry. He said, “This is the day you became my girlfriend and today was the last day you woke up as my girlfriend.” While some may interpret this as cute and romantic, others may be thrown off by the cryptic message. The mention that it was the last day she was going to be his girlfriend might sound more like a break-up at first. Of course, they were on a romantic luxury African Safari, and if there was a moment of concern for Keleigh, it quickly passed. The complicated details of their becoming engaged does draw attention to the fact that there has been a noticeable shift in marriage proposals over time. They have gone from a basic “Will you marry me?” to a sometimes overthought extravaganza, and everything in between. The pressure of social media, and the desire to share something memorable and over-the-top has only served to fuel the urge to one-up the next person. It is no longer just the element of surprise, but now more men feel the need to have a build up to the question, as Miles did, or be wildly creative in the way they propose. So is it still okay to simply ask, “will you marry me,” and offer a ring?

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