Anna Faris and Chris Pratt: Whose Separation Is It?

Actors Anna Faris and Chris Pratt announced that they are separating. This comes after eight years of marriage, and the birth of one son, Jack. It’s always a shock when a seemingly stable couple decides to split. It appears that Anna and Chris are now finding some of their differences in family life difficult to reconcile, given their respective careers and professional demands. Chris needs to travel more for his career which is at a high point, making it necessary for Anna to handle many home responsibilities solo. Additionally, there may be other issues that they are not in agreement about. There is no question that once the decision is made to break up, disentangling your life from your partner’s is almost always difficult and messy on so many levels. In addition to the obvious hardships, there is often collateral damage. One of the areas in which it can be particularly complicated is with the family and friends you share in common, and deciding how those alliances will shake out once you are no longer a couple. If you are in the same business, as is the case with Anna and Chris, that group probably also includes your colleagues.

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