Blake and Ryan: Travel Partners in Life?

Ryan-Reynolds-Blake-LivelyRyan Reynolds has no problem expressing his love for Blake Lively. The two were recently photographed by Humans of New York’s Brandon Stanton at the Met Gala, after which he gushed about how she has made him a more empathetic person. Blake and Ryan met on the set of “The Green Lantern,” filmed in New Orleans. He was single, took a trip to the set, and voila – he met someone amazing. Sometimes the one you are looking for is a bit farther from home than you expected. And sometimes you want to travel before you’ve met that special someone. Just because you don’t have a movie set to go to, or an obvious travel partner, doesn’t mean you can’t take a fabulous trip that leads to a new friend or maybe even to finding that new love interest.

Read the entire article on Psychology Today, The Huffington Post, and Cupid’s Pulse.

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