Don Rickles: Can Humor Go Too Far?

don_rickles_getty_images_107131846_-photo-by-ron-galella-ltdwireimagejpgCaustic comedian Don Rickles has recently passed away. His true talent was in his ability to insult his audience and have them join in and laugh with him, rather than feeling laughed at by him. He had no qualms about going for people’s vulnerabilities, whether they were short, bald, late, whatever it might be. His shows centered around those derisive comments about people’s looks, their spouses, their jobs, their ethnicity – anything he could find to insult. He went right for the Achilles heel when targeting someone. Nothing was sacred, nothing was off limits. While so many fans were able to enjoy this unique brand of humor, others saw him as mean spirited and potentially hurtful. There is no question that he had his own style and people either loved him or hated him.

Read the entire article in Psychology Today, The Huffington Post, and Cupid’s Pulse.

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