Gavin and Gwen: Too Late To Appreciate?

gavin-rossdaleGavin Rossdale discussed his much-publicized divorce from Gwen Stefani in a recent interview, saying it was the opposite of what he wanted and that divorce is “one of the hardest, most painful things to go through.” He also lamented the loss of her “unconditional love” for him. These sentiments may come as a surprise to people given that Gavin had a three-year affair with the family’s nanny, which is what led to their divorce. It raises the question, why would someone have these regrets so long after the indiscretions that tore his marriage apart? Perhaps it’s the age-old saying that you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. The truth is, many times people may not value their partner until they are separated and can finally recognize all the love they had, which is now lost.

Read the entire article in Psychology Today, The Huffington Post, and Cupid’s Pulse.

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