Jennifer and Ben: Why Isn’t It Easy To Say Good-bye?

ae044bd0-de4e-11e4-9a13-0949760aff0b_Ben-Affleck-Jennifer-Garner-heroSome say Ben Affleck is waiting to find out if Jennifer Garner wants to reconcile with him. Despite their divorce, they have remained close. According to a source, many people feel Jennifer is stringing Ben along and “making him jump through hoops.” They say she’s acting hot and cold, and he has no idea where they stand as a couple and a family. It can be very frustrating to remain in limbo and not know what to expect. Many people find themselves in this situation after a breakup or an attempted breakup. Sometimes the road to splitting up permanently isn’t clear, and there can be lots of fits and starts before either reaching the final end of a relationship, or deciding to give it another solid try. Why is it so hard for people to let go, sometimes even if they are officially divorced?

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