Elizabeth Olsen: Family Rhythm

elizOlsenCelebrity stars shine so bright and we look up to them. Yet we are often puzzled when they fall. Shrink Wrap is hear to shed light on all!

Just two weeks after her big sister Mary-Kate announced her own engagement (to 44 year-old banker Olivier Sarkozy) the less famous but equally talented 25 year-old Elizabeth Olsen followed suit.  The actress is newly engaged to boyfriend Boyd Hollbrook after a romantic trip to Paris.  The happy couple have been dating since 2012 and reportedly moved in together just a few months ago.

Two sisters engaged in one month.  You may be thinking, what are the odds?  Is this sibling rivalry or a grand coincidence?  But it’s actually not that uncommon for close friends and family to fall into a rhythm of life changing events.  For example, if you see someone you love and trust take an emotional plunge, it becomes less scary.

This all leaves one question – what about Ashley?  Twin sister to Mary-Kate, Ashley isn’t quite in the same place as her sisters.  She did recently started dating Oscar nominated actor Bennett Miller, but the two are just getting things started.  At least they’ll have some fun weddings to attend in the near future!

Congratulations and much happiness to the entire Olsen family!
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