Johnny Depp: Can You Trust a Serial Proposer?

depp2Celebrity stars shine so bright and we look up to them. Yet we are often puzzled when they fall. Shrink Wrap is hear to shed light on all.

Eternal heart throb and 50-year old Johnny Depp is engaged to 27 year old actress Amber Heard. The two met on the set of their new film, The Rum Diary.  During the shoot, Heard said about Depp “You can’t help but adore his talent, his passion, his magnetic force that pulls you into all his brilliance.”  But will they make it down the aisle?

Johnny Depp is a serial proposer and has yet to make it to the alter.  He was married once from 1983 to 1985 to Lori Anne Allison, but hadn’t put a ring on it since.  After his split from Allison, Depp was engaged to actresses Jennifer Grey and Sherilyn Fenn in the late 1980’s. He even proposed to his Edward Scissorhands co-star Winona Ryder, after tatooing “WINONA FOREVER” on his right arm.   His subsequent highly publicized relationship with Kate Moss did not result in an engagement. It was with French actress Vanessa Paradis that Depp had his committed relationship.  Though they never married officially, they were together for 14 years. She is the mother of his children Lily Rose, 14, and Jack, 11. They split in 2012.  Depp and Heard went public with their relationship soon after.

What is fair for Amanda Heard to expect from Depp after a divorce, three engagements and a long term relationship that produced two children without resulting in marriage?  Is she the one to break the serial engagement spell? Time will tell.  Until then, may the happy couple enjoy their romantic moment!

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